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The biotechnology industry is widely recognized as one of the most promising high-tech industries of the twenty-first century. Both manpower and skilled technology will be much sought after by the biotech companies of the future.

Southern Taiwan University established the Department of Biotechnology in response to this trend in 2002. The main purpose of the Department is to cultivate the development of engineers, processing engineers, quality control engineers, and business professionals in related bio-industries.

In addition to the above, which keep with the university’s goals and mission, this department further defines itself with the following goals and values:

(1) A close fit with the national technology and economic trends

(2) Both teaching and research combined with pragmatic principles

(3) To build a sustainable development of teaching and research environment by combining the industrial development

(4) To create a high-quality academic place of technology, human culture, industrialization, and internationalization

(5) Continue to explore the future of humankind's knowledge and skills, and constantly open up future progress and happiness of humankind, to achieve the vision of sustainable industries

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